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  • Biography


French artist, born in 1980, I exhibited in France (Paris and Marseille) and in Cambodia.


I live and work in Phnom Penh since 2007, where I explore the theme of the street and its movements.



In addition to painting on canvas, I developed a pictorial approach on rusty metal plates, to find a material and an aesthetic present in the natural state in the contemporary urban world.


My work tries to express a particular perception of urbanity and wants to remind the impermanence of all things and all forms, pushing the viewer to dive into the image and get closer to the subject.


I use a unique material, the rust, which come from the erosion and the passage of time and I work on it as a living material.


  • Event

" Creators Salon " - Group exhibition - from March 3 to 10, 2012 - Phnom Penh - Cambodia

"Phnom Penh 2058" Group Exhibition - September 2011 - French Institute - Phnom Penh - Cambodia

"Graffiti: Urban Scriptures" - September 2011 - French Institute - Phnom Penh - Cambodia

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