Isabel MUNOZ

Isabel Muñoz was born in Barcelona in 1951 and lives in Madrid since 1970.

About JA Wall

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KAUV Ly Yann

I love acting because it gives me the occasion to express feelings that are in me but for which I don't always get the occasion to use in my everyday life. I like telling stories and if it makes the audience have a good time, it's just great.


Photographier est autant un moyen de dire le monde qu'une solution pour être dans le monde, s'apparentant à une expérience thérapeutique de délestage.


A noted session musician and internationally-acclaimed artist, J.J. Milteau has played on hundreds of recordings since the early ‘70s, performing in over sixty countries. With more than a dozen albums to his credit, he has played and recorded with such musical luminaries as Gil Scott-Heron, Little Milton, Eddy Mitchell, Terry Callier, Michelle Shocked, Barbara, Keren Ann, Yves Montand, Mo Rodgers and Eric Bibb, among others.
Milteau has been awarded the Grand Prix du Jazz by SACEM as well as two Victoires de la Musique (the French Music Awards). For the past twelve years, he has been hosting a weekly blues show on radio TSF Jazz, and is currently the Chairman of the Victoires du Jazz.

Dorothée SMITH

Born in 1985 in Paris. Her work is represented by Les filles du calvaire gallery in Paris.

DAV Leakpheakdey

Em Riem Gallery, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Created in 2010 by a French-Cambodian group of artists, KHSAY is an association based in Paris that aims is to promote the creation, and for developing links between French artists and those of other countries, especially Cambodia.



Georges ROUSSE

Georges Rousse was born in 1947 in Paris where he lives and works.




Artist and professor-researcher at the university of fine-arts in Nantes (France), born in 1960, lives and works in Paris, Nantes, Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

KAN Penhsong

- 2010 - 2013 : Serving as a Chair of IFL Professional Camera Team at Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL).

- 2012 - 2013: Freelance photographer

- 2010 - 2012 : Learning photography thanks to Studio Images at the Institut français of Cambodia




Arts & Food exhibition, an international festival of food photography

Etudiants cirque


Khiang HEI

My artwork is primarily concerned with contemporary issues relating to a society and how it intersects with my own personal history and experiences.

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Né en Provence en 1950, Bernard Faucon, après des études de philosophie et de théologie, fut l’un des premiers artistes à explorer l’univers de la mise en scène photographique.


I made this series of Time work as photography and I prepared it as the setting up the stage with the clock by the flat basket Khmer style.
In 1988, Héla Fattoumi and Eric Lamoureux founded the company Urvan Letroiga. The duet "Husaïs" immediately received the award for best first work at the Bagnolet International Choreography Competition in 1990, bring them international recognition.
Since then, they have sketched out the contours of a protean art that enjoys juggling unpredictable bifurcations. From piece to piece, they define an approach resolutely singularized by the establishment of a context for research the source of which is the intertwining of their peculiarities. A context for research where they tirelessly probe the body’s sensitive intelligence, its power to reveal meaning that is also thought in movement, as well as being “thought out” in movement.
Appointed directors of the Caen National Choreographic Center (CCNC/BN) in 2004, they continued their creative approach with pieces more focused on subjects with a strong societal tone and where the question is of striving for a poetic and aesthetic resolution to share.
In 2005, they initiated the Danse d’Ailleurs festival (Dance from Elsewhere) intented to bring into perspective the concept of universalism by questioning the referent frameworks of modernity in art. The first four edition of the annual festival have focused on artists from the vast and diverse continent of Africa and have brought the young festival ever expanding international influence. Today, it opens up to Asia.


Binh Dang (1985) a freelance young photographer living and working in Hanoi. While attending Hanoi Industry University of Fine Art, he began exploring himself through photography and started personal projects that helped him to understand more social implications. Recently, his works also moved towards exploring private thoughts where his pictures can become an abstract representation of his mind.

Since 2010, he has been learning photography by himself and has been approaching to become an independent photographer for 2 years ago. He joined in some photography workshops in Asia such as Angkor Workshop, Foundry Workshop, Photography Workshop in The College of Arts in EUNIC’s Open Academy Europe and also get many good feedbacks about his awareness and vision in documentary photography. Now his desires are to reveal different variables of truth in the existence by his concepts and methods.



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