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SETH Julien Malland

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Born in 1972, in Paris, France.
Lives and works in Paris, France
In the mid 90s, Julien Malland began to paint on the walls of the XXth arrondissement of Paris under the name Seth. He became known in the Parisian graffiti movement specializing in making characters.

In 2000, graduated from the National School of Decorative Arts, he published with Walter Bischoff, Kapital, biggest literary success on the French graffiti. Together, they create the monograph collection of urban artists, Wasted Talent.
From 2003, he began traveling the world with the intention to interact with street-artists from different cultures, and thus opens new living and practicing urban painting manners. He begins to represent simple figures, often childish, connected in one way or another to chaotic environments in which they are painted. Witness of the consequences of globalization, he celebrates in these creations traditions and create a cultural hybridity between technical modern expression and traditional representation. Whether working with local urban artists, or learning traditional techniques with artisan, his approach is intended to generate an artistic dialogue. Seth is also a presenter, writer and director of the documentary series "Les nouveaux explorateurs" (the new explorers) broadcast on Canal + in France and around the world. He told his past two years traveling in a book Extramuros

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Book :

-Extramuros, Chroniques d’un Globe-painter (Extramuros, Chronicles of a Globe-painter)
Alternatives edition, 2012

TV documentary :

-  Khmer & spray, au Cambodge (Khmer & spray, in Cambodia) produced by Julien Malland and Timo Ebermann - 52mn (2013) © Bonne Pioche Productions

-  10th years the French Spring in Ukraine - exhibition and production of frescoes - with the Institut français of Ukraine

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